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John Norris

John Norris's love of music was forged in the church and country music tradition of his home town. Singing with his family in church and picking up the guitar at age 10, he learned his craft alongside family and friends, with a healthy dose of YouTube to hone his skills.

At age 14, John turned to writing music to help deal with the hardships of circumstances in life. Then, at just 16, John hit the road playing at bars, festivals, and music venues.  Within two years he headed to Nashville to network, write and grow in knowledge of the music industry.

John recorded part of his debut Nashville record at Direct Image Recording Studio, with producer Kenny Royster. The tracks include: “God’s Up To Somethin”, “Thank God She Did”, “This Town”, “Good Jeans”, “Natural Light”, and “Lonely Don’t Last Long”.

Stay tuned - John Norris and his music will bring light to your life, and sweet country sounds to your ears in the years to come. 

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